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Token Structure

ICE Wealth is a Diamonds asset-backed token structured to provide a digital shelter for investors who want to protect themselves from market volatility, a diversification instrument and at the same time a tradable financial asset.

Portfolio Structure

ICE Wealth consists of investment diamonds of varying sizes at the highest quality and a small percentage of cash (USD).

Cross-chain structured to ensure compatibility with major blockchains, initially issued on Binance Smart-Chain, ICE Wealth retains all the features which categorise it as a trustable and store of value digital instrument. A solution for:

  • Banks that want to offer their customers a digital instrument that represents proven value. An instrument that is exchangeable, fast, cost-effective, portable and above all that can be used as security in a temporary need for liquidity;

  • Asset Managers and Family Offices who want to structure a portfolio with a digital asset that represents protection for their investor and can be used as a hedge in cryptocurrency strategies.

  • Professional investors who want to make their investment portable, use it as a collateral for any financial transactions, trade on digital exchanges with a token that has a secure representation of value or merely wish to smarten up their investments in commodities ;

  • Exchange platforms that want to list among their offerings a worth token that gives holders certainty of value and cross-chain exchangeability.

The management of the diamonds token portfolio consists of operational, control, legal and financial aspects.

It is important to note that the commercial and operational relationship between the token issuer and the custodians holding the diamonds is supervised, monitored and managed by professional trustees who hold one of the two keys to the safe deposit box.


In addition, there are constant audits by third parties to assess the accuracy of what is stated in the investment documents, the contents of the safe deposit boxes and the legitimacy of the diamonds deposited.

The valuation of the token is the most complex part, where numerous variables play an important and functional role.


The valuation takes place weekly and is certified by a third-party provider.  

Portfolio Management

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