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The New Standard
of Diamonds

Digitally owned investment diamonds

ICE Wealth is where trust, safety, clarity, transparency and value meet.

Trust in professionals and experts in asset management and asset protection.

Safety in the safekeeping of diamonds in vaults based in the Swiss free zones and insured by Lloyds of London.

Clarity in processes guaranteed by blockchain technology.

Transparency guaranteed by audits of third-party and internationally recognised Auditors.

Value guaranteed by GIA, ASG and IGI certificates of authenticity and Rapaport ratings.

Yours Diamonds are always with you

Stored in secure Swiss vaults, your diamonds are forever with you, wherever you are. 

Versatility in Application

A store-of-value token with a very extensive scope. A guarantee that can be spent as deemed necessary with both financial and private counterparts.

Low Volatility and Correlation

Diamonds have the lowest price volatility among other shelter and investment assets including gold and S&P 500 and low correlation with other assets classes.

Steady growth values

Prices for high-quality one-carat diamonds are rising steadily with a stable performance since the beginning of the year

Diamonds have the lowest price volatility among other assets.

Diamonds have low correlation with other assets classes, even such as precious metals or govies dependent assets.

In general, the Diamond Index is found to have low or negative correlations with both global developed and emerging market equities. Diamond Index is mostly uncorrelated or mildly negatively correlated with fixed income indices. Unlike commodities such as Gold and the CRB commodities index, the Diamond Index is moderately negatively correlated. The Diamond Index is moderately positively correlated with USD. The correlation results suggest that the addition of diamonds even to an already well-diversified portfolio can yield further diversification benefits and lead to better risk-adjusted returns.

Some numbers
*Bain&Company report - - Bloomberg - Rapaport


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Stable Coins
MarketCap 2021


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Investable Diamonds


Growth in the first 6 months 2021


Diamonds market price index 2020

Financial Instrument or Stable Coin?

ICE Wealth is designed to provide its holder an alternative financial instrument that has a broad scope of use and can serve as a shelter, as collateral but also as a mean of payment. Due to its composition in diamonds of different carats and US dollars, ICE Wealth is a low volatility and a low correlations instrument that ensures considerable reliability both for holders and for financial institutions that may consider it as collateral.

Using ICEW as a mean of payment, its holder benefits of an e-cryptocurrency without taking the risk of extreme volatility often seen in classic cryptocurrencies.

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